The Trusted Parts Behind Kenworth Trucks: Brands You Can Rely On

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When it comes to heavy-duty trucks, reliability is paramount. Kenworth, a prominent name in the industry, understands this better than most. Known for their robust build and top-notch performance, Kenworth trucks are a staple on highways across the globe. But what makes these trucks tick? Let’s take a peek under the hood and behind the wheels to discover the trusted part brands that power Kenworth trucks.


1. Cummins: Powering Performance

At the heart of many Kenworth trucks beats a Cummins engine. Renowned for their durability and efficiency, Cummins engines deliver the power needed to haul heavy loads while maintaining fuel economy. Whether it’s a long-haul journey or navigating rugged terrains, Cummins engines provide the muscle that Kenworth trucks rely on.


2. Eaton: Shifting Gears Smoothly

Smooth transitions and reliable performance are essential on the road, and Eaton transmissions deliver just that. From manual to automated systems, Eaton’s transmission solutions ensure Kenworth trucks can adapt to various driving conditions with ease. Whether climbing steep grades or cruising on the highway, Eaton transmissions keep Kenworth trucks moving forward.


3. Meritor: Keeping Things Rolling

When it comes to axles, brakes, and drivetrain components, Kenworth trusts Meritor. With a reputation for quality and durability, Meritor’s products provide the stability and control needed to keep Kenworth trucks safe on the road. From stopping power to traction control, Meritor components play a crucial role in maintaining the performance and safety of Kenworth trucks.


4. Bendix: Braking with Confidence

Braking systems are critical for any vehicle, especially heavy-duty trucks like those from Kenworth. Bendix, a trusted name in the industry, provides braking solutions that deliver reliability and efficiency. With Bendix components onboard, Kenworth trucks can brake with confidence, ensuring safety for drivers and cargo alike.


5. Dana: Driving Innovation

Dana’s drivetrain components and axles are trusted by Kenworth to deliver performance and durability. Whether it’s distributing power to the wheels or navigating challenging terrain, Dana’s solutions play a vital role in the overall performance of Kenworth trucks. With Dana onboard, Kenworth trucks are equipped to handle whatever the road throws their way.


6. PACCAR Parts: The Power of Integration

As part of the PACCAR group, Kenworth benefits from access to a wide range of integrated parts and solutions. From engines to axles, PACCAR Parts ensure seamless compatibility and optimal performance across the board. With PACCAR Parts onboard, Kenworth trucks are equipped to meet the demands of modern-day transportation.


In conclusion, the performance and reliability of Kenworth trucks are backed by a lineup of trusted part brands. From engines to tires, each component plays a vital role in ensuring these trucks can tackle the toughest challenges on the road. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Kenworth continues to set the standard for excellence in the heavy-duty trucking industry.

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